Pokemon Red and Blue – #16 Pokemon – Eevee and Jolteon


– TM Thunderbolt
– 48 Pin Missile
– 42 Double Kick
– 40 Thunder Wave

One of the seldom pre-megahorn days where a bug move may be recommended on a Pokemon. Jolteon has very good type coverage for this generation, with thunderbolt being the main source of offense and double kick for rock types and such. Pin Missile is a move that can actually do some damage to psychics, but its not really gonna sweep with that move.

That being said, Jolteon is the best of the Eeveelutions (who are all relatively good), because of its very high speed of 130 and very good special of 110. Although frail, Jolteon is a good electric type to have due to that attacking power and its potency to actually score a super effective against Sabrina.

You get Eevee early. With three badges. It should be considered for a team slot if you don’t like the legendary route with Zapdos.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #15 Pokemon – Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur


– 55 Sleep Powder
– 30 Razor Leaf
– TM Body Slam
– TM Rest

In game, you aren’t going to find a better Grass type Pokemon. All its stats are pretty good except for special which sits at a very nice 100. 80’s for everything else makes Venusaur a wall in game, and if you want Rest on it, that can give Venusaur some extra stamina.

The movepool is limited, but the auto critical STAB Razor Leaf puts a hurting on many opponents, and Body Slam is there for the lucky paralysis.

Sleep Powder is awesome, but you get it so late it may not be worth it. Had Venusaur been able to learn it earlier, no question its the best starter, but as is, it gets the silver medal in that regard.

That being said, you get it early, you get it easily, its the best Pokemon of its type, and it has type advantages over the first two gyms. Definitely consider for a team slot.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #14 Pokemon – Geodude, Graveler, Golem


– 36 Earthquake
– 43 Explosion
– TM Rock Slide
– TM Body Slam

Golem hits hard. At 110 base attack, Slidequaking is an extremely efficient mode of offense, as it covers most types and for everything else (or as an emergency button) there’s Explosion and Body Slam.

The typing is bad defensively, and it is slow, but Golem has the sheer power to tear through most major threats and you get it very early, right after Brock.

Golem is a substancial level over the next ground type (at least in game) just out of its rarity (or lack of it) and early game eligibility.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #13 Pokemon – Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam

– 38 Psychic
– 31 Recover
– TM Seismic Toss
– TM Thunder Wave

Alakazam is very fast and hits very hard. Its 135 Special paired with the RBY godly Psychic type makes it good enough, but add on 120 base Speed and you got yourself a cannon in your arsenal which is a fairly decent Special wall.

The movepool is narrow, very narrow. But Alakazam still works because Psychic just wipes through everything but other Psychic types, which is what Thunder Wave and Seismic Toss are for.

Abra can be caught before Misty and you can get the final evolution at level 16, making Alakazam possibly the single best early game Pokemon besides the glitch Mew you can catch.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #12 Pokemon – Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard


– 46 Flamethrower
– TM Earthquake
– 36 Slash / HM Fly
– TM Swords Dance

Charizard is incredibly overrated. I really hate saying its the best starter, but for in game, it barely edges out Venusaur. Charizard has a lot of tools that help it be an offensive presence, and the fact it has access to other fun options like Toxic + Fire Spin makes it a bit versatile.

Charizard is fast with 100 speed, and attack stats are 84 and 85, physical and special. It isn’t bulky, but when you pick Charizard, you don’t really expect it to, as its a bit of a glass cannon.

As for its moves, Flamethrower is just there as a STAB, stong option to wipe out most opponents, while Earthquake and Slash / Fly are there for everything else. Swords Dance makes Charizard a very strong physical attacker all of a sudden, however the attack boosts will not effect Slash, so just realize it may be better to leave the auto-critical move for a boosted Fly.

You obviously get Charizard first, and that boosted it up the rankings (as it did to the other starters) and makes it a good party starter. It’s good if you don’t want to wait for Moltres.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #11 Pokemon – Moltres


– HM Fly
– TM Fire Blast
– Fire Spin
– Toxic

Moltres is the worst of the legendary Pokemon, and the first outside the top ten, but its not because its weak and unable to perform well. Its because you get it right before the elite 4, making it so you can barely use it.

If you still want to use it, it will be very strong for that last leg of the game for a variety of reasons. 100 Physical Attack and Fly gives a good in game STAB flying move that can do a lot of damage, but 125 Special also gives Moltres a very strong Fire Blast. The other stats are all solid 90’s, making it a very well rounded Pokemon, although Fire/ Flying isn’t a great defensive typing.

It lacks a wide movepool, but Fire Spin and Toxic is a deadly combo in game and lets you really be a force, that is of course, you are willing to wait until Victory Road to get (most likely) your last team member.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #10 Pokemon – Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite


– Wrap
– TM Toxic
– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam
(Consider using Agility)

The stats surpass all the legendary birds in this generation. It would be way higher on the list apart from the main drawback of Dragonite. It evolves in its 50’s. It may be too late for some people to have to deal with the far weaker Dragonair, however if you’re patient, Dragonite has the raw power to destroy almost every team singlehandedly.

A mammoth 134 base attack stat, coupled with a decent Special stat of 100, bulky stat spread of 91 HP and 95 Defense and access to one of the most annoying sets in Pokemon history, makes this beast has the tools necessary to be a key asset.

Toxic your opponent, then wrap so they cant move and just wait out tougher Pokemon, or just blast through them with your special moves.

You can get Dratini at the game corner for fairly cheap, so with only 3 badges you can start power leveling it until you get a Pokemon long worth the training in the end.

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