Pokemon – #57 Pokemon (Red) – #58 Pokemon (Blue) – Kabuto, Kabutops


– HM Surf
– TM Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Swords Dance

Kabutops would be so, so much better if it had could learn Rock Slide by TM. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and Kabutops is stuck with a slightly Special leaning set and a heavily Physical stat spread.

115 attack and 80 speed? Groovy. What variety of Physical moves does it have? Normal, Normal, Normal, Rock…Oh sorry, I meant Normal — and Normal. So Swords Dance if you wish, and just go to town Body Slamming and Hyper Beaming the night away. You could use the always crit Slash, but then Swords Dance doesn’t do anything except for your emergency button move, which would be odd, seeing that if you need it in a pinch, why would you have time to boost it? 70 Special is barely below average, but Surf is needed for SOME type coverage. 60/105/70 is an okay defensive spread, or it would be, but the typing. Its weak to Grass, Ground, Electric and Fighting; with all but one of those being good typings, which is a problem.

Kabutops comes late, as do all the fossil Pokemon, however Omastar and Aerodactyl are both better. Even with their limited movepools, they can still function properly using the stats they’re supposed to. Use a different Water type. It isn’t the worst, but its pretty unimpressive.

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Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Blue) – #66 Pokemon (Red) – Grimer, Muk


– 37 Sludge
– TM Body Slam
– 53 Screech / TM Thunderbolt
– TM Explosion

Just what the Muk is wrong with Muk? Sorry, that was awful. Anyways, its one of the countless RBY Pokemon that could be decent with a better movepool, but Game Freak seems to pick those things at random (Muk should get Thunderbolt, totally, but Alakazam? Nawww). This leaves it as a mediocre (at the very best) Poison type.

Muk has 105 physical attack, which is really good, but only Poison and Normal moves to use with it. You know what that means? Barely any type coverage whatsoever. With a Special of 65, you are gonna have to sacrifice a lot of power for type coverage, but Fire Blast or Thunderbolt may be worth it just so it can hit SOMETHING for super effective damage. Otherwise 105/75/65 is average defensively, it has a bad defensive typing (until GSC that is), and its very slow, at base 50 speed.

As for those physical moves, Sludge is a pretty good STAB move, although it hits very little for super effective damage, Body Slam is another main source of damage, and Muk also has one very powerful Explosion as well.

You have to wait for quite a while to get a Pokemon this below average, at Cinnabar, then in Red its also RARE on top of that, which makes it not worth it even more. Weezing is better, Arbok is better, most non-Poison types are better, Gingivitis is better, so don’t use Muk.

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Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Red) – #57 Pokemon (Blue) – Venonat, Venomoth


– TM / 50 Psychic
– 43 Sleep Powder
– TM Mega Drain
– TM Double Team / TM Mimic

Behold the best Bug type Pokemon in Red and Blue! Although still in the bottom 20 Pokemon final forms, Venomoth is in fact, the best of the worst typing of these games. Venomoth stuns with its average base stats, average movepool, average difficulty to obtain, and lengthy waits for its best moves.

To its credit, Venomoth isn’t awful. 90 Special and 90 Speed are both respectable, and Psychic is a good move to use with those stats, obviously. Otherwise, its not terribly frail, with a line of 70/60/90, but its typing. Poison use to be weak to Bug, and Bug use to be weak to Poison. So let’s review its weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Psychic, Bug, Poison or 40% of all types in the game.

To compound matters, its movepool is average, if you wait it out. Sleep Powder is good, and Mega Drain is…pretty bad. The fourth move is filler, and Venomoth is basically just used to spam Sleep Powder and Psychic.

Don’t use Venomoth for your own good. Use Victreebel or Venusaur for better Poison types that are sleepers. It may be the best bug type, but that’s no real claim to fame in this game. So much rhyme, can you stand it?

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Pokemon – #55 Pokemon (Red) – Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume


– 19 Sleep Powder
– 38 (Gloom) Petal Dance
– TM Body Slam
– TM Double Team / TM Mimic / TM Solarbeam / TM Mega Drain

Victreebel and Venusaur are SO much better at being Grass / Poison types its not even funny. Vileplume has some detrimental flaws that make it 100% useless compared to the other two mentioned. Its not abysmal, but as stated, outclassed.

Vileplume has pretty decent base stats, being led by the 100 Special which gives it survivability and decent power. 80 Attack isn’t bad either, and a defensive spread of 75/ 85/ 100 is above average, so there’s that. You also get Oddish early, so why is it so very outclassed?

Outside the incredibly useful Sleep Powder, be prepared for a pathetic movepool. Petal Dance with its MAMMOTH 75 power is the best STAB option. Body Slam runs off its lower attack, and the last move is filler crap move of your choosing.

Not to mention the wait for Petal Dance is a long one, making it evolve later. You can’t settle for Mega Drain or Solarbeam as a reliable attacking option with depth this shallow, so the wait for an average move is necessary.

The movepool is horrendous, and single-handedly makes Vileplume useless in comparison to other Grass types, and has just 50 speed to work with. Not recommended. Red players got the short end of the stick on yet another version exclusive Pokemon.

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Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Red) – #55 Pokemon (Blue) – Porygon


– TM Psychic
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Ice Beam
– 28 Recover

How do you make a Pokemon with an average typing, an excellent movepool and a really cool design suck major amounts of Onix? Let me answer a question with another. How does 65/70/75 sound for a defensive spread sound? Well that’s below average, but what about the other stats? 75 Special and 40 Speed. You’d think since Porygon is man-made the makers would of tried to make him faster than a dial up modem, but apparently not. Who knows? Porygon2 might have been one of the scrapped Pokemon from RBY, due to the Stage 1 type base stats.

As mentioned before, Porygon has a great movepool. Instant healing by Recover is insanely useful in game, but as mentioned before, Porygon lacks the defenses and Health necessary to make it seriously worth it in game. Psychic and BoltBeaming is great as well, but again 75 Special just isn’t enough, especially when Porygon’s as slow as the likes of Rhydon and Bellsprout.

Overall, I love the thing to death, as its my favorite RBY Pokemon, but I can’t bring myself to recommend it. Hell, I even recommended my least favorite RBY Pokemon over Porygon: Magmar. If you are going to use it out of nostalgia as I sometimes do, play Blue, as Porygon costs 3000 or so coins less to purchase at the Game Corner.

The photo belongs to Nidoking256.

Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Blue) – Magmar


– 55 Flamethrower
– TM Psychic
– TM Body Slam
– 39 Confuse Ray

Magmar is a really odd looking Pokemon. In the same typing you have Arcanine, Ninetales, Rapidash, Charizard, etc. but here comes the fire spitting duck with a Charmander tail. What does this have to do with its ability to perform in RBY? Nothing! Well, except for the fact it also is worse in battle than all other fully evolved fire types and its not worth using because of it.

Magmar would be alright if it learned its best move (Flamethrower) earlier than level 55, which might be in time to defeat the Elite 4, but that’s about it. Until then Fire Blast will have to tide you over, with Psychic being a very good secondary move. Magmar has a decent attack stat at 95, but only has Normal moves to ward off the opposition, so Body Slam is the only move to run off its better attack stat.

85 Special and 93 Speed are decent enough base stats, but are outclassed by many other Fire types. 65 Health and 57 (nice and random) Defense make it hardly sturdy to Physical threats. Seeing Fire is an offensive typing, the weaknesses come with the territory, but so many other Fire types can survive better.

Magmar comes late, at Cinnabar Mansion, isn’t easy to come by, learns its best move really late, can’t use its better attack stat, has bad physical survivability, looks like a mutated Psyduck set on fire, smells bad….Alright, you get it. I’m not a fan, but for good reason. Magmar is outclassed by all other Fire types.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #53 Pokemon – Voltorb, Electrode


– TM Thunderbolt
– 50/TM Explosion
– TM Thunder Wave
– Screech

Electrode is the fastest Pokemon in RBY, with 140 base speed. This is cool for two reasons: The obvious one of being fast, but also the critical hit ratio in RBY was determined on your base speed. Electrode then turns out to get critical hits on everything over 27% of the time. To compare to Gold, Silver, Crystal to Black and White 2’s ratio, the difference is over 21%, or one of every five attacks fired!

And other than that?! Nothing!

Thunderbolt runs off of a decent 80 special, and it has a good typing in mono-Electric, but Explosion runs off an INCREDIBLE 50 attack, and that’s about it offensively.

60/70/80 is alright defensively in game, but Electrode is not good enough to warrent using over many of the better mono-electric types in RBY. Not to mention you find it in an area where Zapdos, Electabuzz and Pikachu are, who are all better choices.

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