Pokemon Red and Blue – #27 Pokemon – Jynx


– Lovely Kiss
– TM Psychic
– TM Ice Beam / TM/ 58 Blizzard / 31 Ice Punch
– TM Rest

Jynx is an interesting case of strengths and weaknesses. It has really awful physical survivability  with a dismal combination of 65 Health and 35 defense, not to mention a worthless physical stat of 50. On the plus side, Jynx has both 95 in Special and Speed, making a decent attacker.

Jynx also has that sexy Psychic type, access to a accuarate sleep move in Lovely Kiss, and a plethera of options when it comes to Ice moves.

Psychic is a must have on Jynx, Rest is there to try to survive a bit longer, though if you can survive a few hits, mimic might be an alright option instead. As for Ice, Ice Punch is there for those who have used their Ice Beam TM, and Blizzard is an option if you want an all out offensice move.

Jynx is only available through in game trade in RBY, but as soon as you get the Super Rod you can fish up that Poliwhirl east of the very city the trade is offered (Cerulean) and scoop up a very useful, and offensive (in more than one way) Pokemon.

Also, don’t trade a Poliwhirl that is 31 or over in terms of level, you may lose out of Lovely Kiss or Pound. Just as a warning.

I do not own the photo because I’M NOT RACIST. Oh, and I don’t own the Pokemon Anime, but I digress.


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