Pokemon Red and Blue – #28 Pokemon – Tauros



– TM Earthquake
– TM Blizzard
– TM Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam

This thing was a beast in competitive play during the period of Red and Blue. In game however, Tauros is rare and way outclassed by Snorlax.

The stats for Snorlax are bulky, and nice to have for those dangerous foes you run into, while Tauros teeters on the ‘average-ish’ bulk and doesn’t use Rest nearly as well. Tauros does have 110 speed, compared to Snorlax’s, that’s a huge bonus. However, both Pokemon’s attack stats are high and Snorlax has access to Selfdestruct instead of Hyper Beam’s lesser oomph that Tauros has to offer.

That’s not the main reason not to use Tauros though, cause so far, they’re pretty even. You even get them around the same point. However, Tauros is a real pain to find and catch in the Safari Zone. Remember when Ash caught 30? Yeah, that ain’t happening. Catching full health Tauros’ with the equivalent of a great ball is no one’s idea of fun.

To save those headaches of a rarish encounter, just use Snorlax (for in game purposes that is).

I do not own the photo.


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