Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Blue) – Magmar


– 55 Flamethrower
– TM Psychic
– TM Body Slam
– 39 Confuse Ray

Magmar is a really odd looking Pokemon. In the same typing you have Arcanine, Ninetales, Rapidash, Charizard, etc. but here comes the fire spitting duck with a Charmander tail. What does this have to do with its ability to perform in RBY? Nothing! Well, except for the fact it also is worse in battle than all other fully evolved fire types and its not worth using because of it.

Magmar would be alright if it learned its best move (Flamethrower) earlier than level 55, which might be in time to defeat the Elite 4, but that’s about it. Until then Fire Blast will have to tide you over, with Psychic being a very good secondary move. Magmar has a decent attack stat at 95, but only has Normal moves to ward off the opposition, so Body Slam is the only move to run off its better attack stat.

85 Special and 93 Speed are decent enough base stats, but are outclassed by many other Fire types. 65 Health and 57 (nice and random) Defense make it hardly sturdy to Physical threats. Seeing Fire is an offensive typing, the weaknesses come with the territory, but so many other Fire types can survive better.

Magmar comes late, at Cinnabar Mansion, isn’t easy to come by, learns its best move really late, can’t use its better attack stat, has bad physical survivability, looks like a mutated Psyduck set on fire, smells bad….Alright, you get it. I’m not a fan, but for good reason. Magmar is outclassed by all other Fire types.

I do not own the photo.


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