Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Red) – #55 Pokemon (Blue) – Porygon


– TM Psychic
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Ice Beam
– 28 Recover

How do you make a Pokemon with an average typing, an excellent movepool and a really cool design suck major amounts of Onix? Let me answer a question with another. How does 65/70/75 sound for a defensive spread sound? Well that’s below average, but what about the other stats? 75 Special and 40 Speed. You’d think since Porygon is man-made the makers would of tried to make him faster than a dial up modem, but apparently not. Who knows? Porygon2 might have been one of the scrapped Pokemon from RBY, due to the Stage 1 type base stats.

As mentioned before, Porygon has a great movepool. Instant healing by Recover is insanely useful in game, but as mentioned before, Porygon lacks the defenses and Health necessary to make it seriously worth it in game. Psychic and BoltBeaming is great as well, but again 75 Special just isn’t enough, especially when Porygon’s as slow as the likes of Rhydon and Bellsprout.

Overall, I love the thing to death, as its my favorite RBY Pokemon, but I can’t bring myself to recommend it. Hell, I even recommended my least favorite RBY Pokemon over Porygon: Magmar. If you are going to use it out of nostalgia as I sometimes do, play Blue, as Porygon costs 3000 or so coins less to purchase at the Game Corner.

The photo belongs to Nidoking256.


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