Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Blue) – #66 Pokemon (Red) – Grimer, Muk


– 37 Sludge
– TM Body Slam
– 53 Screech / TM Thunderbolt
– TM Explosion

Just what the Muk is wrong with Muk? Sorry, that was awful. Anyways, its one of the countless RBY Pokemon that could be decent with a better movepool, but Game Freak seems to pick those things at random (Muk should get Thunderbolt, totally, but Alakazam? Nawww). This leaves it as a mediocre (at the very best) Poison type.

Muk has 105 physical attack, which is really good, but only Poison and Normal moves to use with it. You know what that means? Barely any type coverage whatsoever. With a Special of 65, you are gonna have to sacrifice a lot of power for type coverage, but Fire Blast or Thunderbolt may be worth it just so it can hit SOMETHING for super effective damage. Otherwise 105/75/65 is average defensively, it has a bad defensive typing (until GSC that is), and its very slow, at base 50 speed.

As for those physical moves, Sludge is a pretty good STAB move, although it hits very little for super effective damage, Body Slam is another main source of damage, and Muk also has one very powerful Explosion as well.

You have to wait for quite a while to get a Pokemon this below average, at Cinnabar, then in Red its also RARE on top of that, which makes it not worth it even more. Weezing is better, Arbok is better, most non-Poison types are better, Gingivitis is better, so don’t use Muk.

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Blue) – #66 Pokemon (Red) – Grimer, Muk

  1. Even though this has nothing to do with Grimer’s fighting ability, when I was younger, I always thought Grimer’s call in Pokemon Stadium sounded like a flushing toilet.

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