Pokemon Red and Blue – #52 Pokemon – Hitmonlee


– 48 Hi Jump Kick
– TM Body Slam
– TM Seismic Toss
– Meditate

Hitmonlee is the better of the two Fighting Dojo Pokemon, but that isn’t saying very much. The movepool is limited, the typing is lack luster, and it has some bad stats.

Hi Jump Kick was an 85 power move, and if it missed, only caused you to take one HP of recoil damage. This, rather sadly, is by far the best fighting type move, but otherwise Hitmonlee doesn’t have very much in terms of moves. Body Slam is all right, and Meditate raises its attack, so to make it more of a Physical powerhouse.

120 attack and 87 speed is actually pretty darn good, but defensively, its atrocious. 50/53/35 is just unforgivably bad, especially when weak to Psychic.

You get the thing pretty late, and although it has good offensive output, and is very good against bulky Normal and Rock types, its just too frail. Use something else, preferably not a fighting type.

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Pokemon – #50 Pokemon (Blue) – #51 Pokemon (Red) – Clefairy, Clefable


– TM Psychic
– TM Blizzard
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Thunder Wave
(Also consider TM Fire Blast)

Clefable is a normal type, which means more often than not, it will have a good movepool. Such is the case for this Pokemon. Clefable doesn’t have awesome stats, but passable ones, and access to a large amount of offensive moves that run of its modest 85 special.

Clefable is pretty above average defensively, 95/73/85 respectively, so it can take a hit while having only one weakness. It is slow, at 60 base speed, so that’s a problem.

You get it early, can evolve it about 5 minutes after you get it, but there remains the fact you can’t really do anything with it until Lt. Surge’s gym unless you give it temporary TM’s (which I don’t recommend because its a waste of money and resources).

Also to keep in mind is that Chansey is better at basically everything, and Snorlax too, if you don’t care about Special type coverage on a Normal type. Both have it beat in stats and have good movepools as well, so there’s no real reason to use Clefable although it is pretty good once you get to the mid to late game.

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Pokemon – #49 Pokemon (Blue) – #50 Pokemon (Red) – Mr. Mime



– TM Psychic
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Solarbeam
– TM Thunder Wave

Mr. Mime is a Pokemon that has some things its really good at, and some things its really bad at, making it the most inconsistent, and overall, the worst Psychic type in RBY.

100 Special and 90 speed! That’s a pretty nifty combo, and with Psychic and Thunderbolt, those are stats that can actually be used. Of course, Mr. Mime has a nice typing, and its available with two badges, if traded for an Abra.

That raises the question, why use it over Abra? Thunderbolt. But that’s not nearly enough of a reason due to the lack of Recover, a horrendous physical survivability of 40 health and 65 defense, not to mention that it comes slightly after Abra and doesn’t have the mammoth Special and Speed Alakazam has.

Alakazam didn’t have much range to its movepool either, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Mime from being annoying when you have to rely on Solarbeam for damage. (Which isn’t a very good move on a Pokemon that has such low survivability, but its all it really has.)

Overall, use Alakazam, Hypno, Starmie, or basically any Psychic type besides Mr. Mime. Not awful, but deserves to be this far down the list.

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Pokemon – #48 Pokemon (Blue) – #49 Pokemon (Red) – Tentacool, Tentacruel

Ocean artwork underwater fan art tentacool tentacruel wallpaper

– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam / TM Blizzard
– TM Mega Drain
– TM Rest

Tentacruel would be better if you could get it before you had access to surf, which is pretty late, and at a point where you can already have gotten better Water types. As far as Pokemon go, Tentacruel is still pretty good even while being weak to the Psychic type.

120 Special is the number that jumps out. 120 base power behind Surf, Ice Beam and Mega Drain seem like a great trio of effective moves, and they are. It also has 100 speed which is nice, as it can outspeed a lot of things, especially in game. 80/65/120 is pretty good defensively even while being weak to Psychic, and Rest gives it dependable in game recovery.

There isn’t a ton wrong with Tentacruel, in fact, if you got it with a rod earlier, Tentacool would of shot up the list. Fact remains there are many better Water types with less crucial weaknesses and better type coverage. Overall good, but heavily overshadowed.

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Pokemon – #47 Pokemon (Blue) – #48 Pokemon (Red) – Doduo, Dodrio


– 30 Drill Peck
– TM Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Mimic

Yet another Pokemon screwed out of being better than below average because of an abysmal movepool. Dodrio has access to the best flying move in the game, but outside of that, nothing interesting to report. Normal moves? Check. A semi-worthless move in Mimic? Check.

But does Drill Peck make it worth it? 110 attack and 100 speed make that seem possible, but 60/70/60 just isn’t going to cut it defensively.

There isn’t much to say about it to be honest because it lacks weapons that could of made it a legitimate force. 110 attack is impressive, but it doesn’t get anything worth using besides that. You get it early-ish with three badges, but don’t use it.

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Pokemon – #46 Pokemon (Blue) – #47 Pokemon (Red) – Kangaskhan


– TM Earthquake
– TM Rock Slide
– TM Body Slam
– TM Counter

Kangaskhan is really annoying to get. As far as Safari Zone Pokemon go, Kangaskhan is up there with Tauros and Chansey as far as difficulty and annoyance. Is it worth the frustration to get it? In short no. Its outclassed by many a normal type, and just doesn’t warrant the effort needed to catch apart from Pokedex completion.

Kangaskhan does have a nice 95 for attack, coupled with 90 speed, so if that were all the criteria, it’d be fine. 105 Health is nice, as is 80 defense but 40 special is just awful. If you get hit with a special move, pray its not a critical, because the survivability is near non-existent.

Seeing it is fairly bulky physically, running Counter for whenever you’re hit by a Normal or Fighting move might not be an awful idea, though if you want to replace it with Hyper Beam, that’s understandable. Earthquake and Rock Slide is the main source of power, and they do offer quite a bit.

Kangaskhan is pretty good if you have the time to parade around the Safari Zone, though if you’re looking for a good Normal type there, just pick up Tauros or Chansey. Just as tedious to get, but better in a lot of ways. Kangaskhan is bad, but Tauros and Chansey are much better.

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Pokemon – #45 Pokemon (Blue) – #46 Pokemon (Red) – Pikachu, Raichu


– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Body Slam
– TM Submission
– TM Hyper Beam

Raichu made the war vet of Vermilion a pretty tough foe, but that’s mostly because it was so good for that point in the game. Overall, its a lesser Jolteon and Electabuzz, due mostly to the lack of even somewhat decent moves after Thunderbolt.

Submission on a non-fighting type is really sad, but its all Raichu gets outside of events, Electric and Normal moves. If you got your hands on a Surfing Pikachu, congrats, but for the rest, its stuck with a sucky move while mostly just having Thunderbolt to spam.

The base stats are actually decent, with 100 speed and 90 in each attack. Defensively its alright specially, but 60 Health and 55 defense make Raichu frail, especially if you run into ground types.

On the plus side, Pikachu comes early (that is if you want to search that god forsaken forest for an hour), and can evolve if you want at level 1. However, Jolteon, Electabuzz and Zapdos all outshine the evolution of the overmarketed rat.

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