Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #3 – Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill


– TM Double Edge
– TM Hyper Beam
– 20 Twinneedle
– TM Swords Dance

How do you make Butterfree even worse? Take away its Sleep Move and any consistently strong attack to use! What a relief, I thought a Bee with 3 huge stingers would actually be a threat. Luckily however, it is not in the slightest. The base stats are similar to Butterfree, the typing has the same enormous amount of weaknesses, and both come really early.

Beedrill has 80 Attack and 75 Speed, similar to Butterfree’s 80 Special and 75 Speed, however Special also gave Butterfree one decent defense. Beedrill does not have this luxury as a defensive spread of 65/40/45 with those weaknesses ensures it as one of the frailest Pokemon in the game, if not the most so. To go back to the 80 attack, its decent, but not enough to pull a lot of offense out of the hat, and 75 speed is also just that, decent.

Well since Beedrill has the useful buffer Swords Dance, it could patch up that mediocre attack (if it could take hits to use it successfully) however the move set is just awful. 50 power on its STAB move is already low, but it has no recoil-less Normal move strong enough to matter. Double Edge means that you have to take damage on a very frail Pokemon, and Hyper Beam means you have to be bludgeoned over the head the next turn.

Beedrill is so very, very awful. There’s a dropoff from Butterfree, and Butterfree is already a mid-end “D” Pokemon. Never use it, and never be worried when faced with one. Hit it with any attack, that should do the trick.

I do not own the photo.


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