Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #5 – Cubone, Marowak


– TM Earthquake
– TM Body Slam
– TM Submission
– TM Blizzard / TM Fire Blast

What do you like in your Ground type? Well Marowak is one of the only…I mean one of the every single Ground types in the game that is a Physical attacker. What does it add? Well back off you silly Pokemon like Golem, Rhydon, Sandslash and Dugtrio because Marowak is taking the worst traits of all of you!

Golem and Rhydon’s crappy speed will be matched by the unimpressive mopey Pokemon, at a great low score of 45. And it also lacks the survivability that those two have with the frailness of Dugtrio! 60 Health and 50 Special is weak, though not the bottom rung, although its stronger physically (though still not that much because of that below average health) at 110.

And how about its movepool? Well although it has Earthquake, there are no other great options besides the decent Normal type move of Body Slam. Which isn’t good because the average 80 Physical Attack isn’t going to decimate. So off of that 50 Special, get ready to sweep through the toughest of wet toilet paper, with either Blizzard of Fire Blast.

Marowak is very unimpressive. Just stick with…Anything else. Besides the four Pokemon below it, that is.

I do not own the photo.


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