Bob Dylan’s 34th Best Studio/ Bootleg Album

A black-and-white photograph of Dylan sitting in a rocky field

Under the Red Sky
Grade — C

After a brief reprieve of re-emerging as a popular artist again because of the involvement with the Traveling Wilburys and his critically acclaimed album Oh Mercy!, Bob Dylan took a step back with the release of Under the Red Sky. He dedicated the album to his then four year old daughter, with the songs consisting of a lot of inspiration from nursery rhymes. Many just saw it as a jumbled mess, with lots of celebrity appearances such as George Harrison, Slash and Elton John.

The piece consisted of a very upbeat, although dark, series of songs, and two that were outtakes from the previous album, “God Knows” and “Born in Time”. Critics bashed the simplistic lyrics, the lack of variety and just the overall lack of focus that made his previous album work so well.

Although Dylan agrees with these sentiments, there are some very good tracks on the piece.

“Born in Time” is a masterful song that although has a bit to much production on it compared to the early version of the song, still shines through as a very strong track. “Unbelievable”, similarly, is a very catchy song that is always a fun listen.

Most people listening to the album despise the lead track, “Wiggle, Wiggle”. It is very simplistic in nature, but then again, the album is dedicated to a four year old. I wouldn’t write “It’s alright Ma” to a four year old, and “Wiggle Wiggle” is catchy enough to get a pass from me.

Overall though, a pretty average album, though it is upbeat and can be fun at times.

Unbelievable –


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