Sonic the Hedgehog – Part 2

Emerald 3 not only took less time than usual, but the quickest I’ve ever done this.

My boastfulness is just for show if you wonder. xD

3 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog – Part 2

  1. You are waaaaaaaaaaayyyy better at Sonic than I am. The only Sonic level I’m really good at is “Eggmanland” from Sonic Unleashed, and I’m only good at that level because I tried for hours to get an “S” rank at it. The levels where you get the emeralds look extremely hard. I don’t like how they’re so open with a simple picture as a background. I also don’t like how they keep rotating. I would be terrible at them just for that reason. But, you seem to be awesome at them! Good job!

    • I’ve never played that game. Or basically any non-genesis Sonic game.

      They take practice. The only reason I am good is because I’ve had so much practice over so many years.

      Have you not played the genesis sonic games?

      And thanks, I’m alright haha. Got the reaction time of a dead squirrel.

      • No, I’ve never played any of the Genesis Sonic games. Or any Genesis games for that matter.

        Haha, I don’t have a very good reaction time either.

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