Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #7 – Onix


– TM Earthquake
– TM Rock Slide
– TM Body Slam
– Screech

I don’t know if during development the developers at Game Freak just really didn’t understand giving a metric crapton of Defense to a Pokemon doesn’t make a wall automatically. I also don’t understand what they were thinking when designing Onix as a whole. What was it supposed to excel at? To do? Was it supposed to be an early game joke Pokemon? That can’t be right though, cause Bruno of the Elite 4 has not one, but two of these.

Well the movepool ain’t bad. Outclassed by Golem and Rhydon? Sure, because Explosion and Substitute are both better than screech. But before you raise your hand awkwardly, yes, I’m aware Onix learns Substitute. 1 problem. It has 35 base Health. Substitutes broken by weak hits are not only possible, but likely because of this.

The other base stats? Well as mentioned before, a mammoth 160 Defense is nice, until you realize with that HP, Onix can’t do much with it. Like anything. Special? 30. On par with the Special Sweeping wonder Hitmonchan. Any Grass or Water hit you’re taking, you’re dieing from. Period. It is so frail, even with that defense, its just really sad. 45 base attack makes it’s Earthquake more of a tickle, and it’s Rock slide more of a pat on the head. On the plus side, its Speed is only slightly below average. Hallelujah!

Why you would use this ever is beyond me. Maybe if you want to use a mono type team, and you can’t use multiples, and you are only using Pokemon starting with the letter O, and can’t have Pokemon that can hurt things…In other words, never use it.

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Pokemon – #64 Pokemon (Red) – #65 Pokemon (Blue) – Lickitung


– HM Surf
– TM Earthquake
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Rest

Wow! With a movepool like that, why would Lickitung be rated so low?! Well, unlike Porygon who had the possible scrapped Porygon2 excuse, Lickitung was just given bad base stats for no real reason, and remains a pretty annoying Pokemon to get by R/B/Y standards.

I say this because: you have to wait until four badges are obtained, then you have to get a super rod, fish up a Slowpoke, evolve said Slowpoke (which doesn’t evolve that early), than trade for it with a person at the end of cycling rode, then collect the seven chaos emeralds, defeat Robotnik, free Tails, save Emerald Isl…Okay, well you get the picture. But if it was decent, then this wouldn’t particularly be a problem. Lickitung is not decent however. It’s just awful.

90 / 75 / 60 is borderline acceptable, and with Rest, maybe its reasonable to use defensively, but so much to warrant its bulk over Snorlax, Chansey or even Clefable? No. Also, the attack stats that it leans on (which is both) are 55 physical and 60 special. All Heil! Coupled with this duo of below average power? 30 Speed. Oh joy.

So you can have your very own out of the way, slow, weak attacking, mediocre defensive, and overall just outclassed Normal type. But it will take time and is so not worth it its not funny. Even Porygon at least had instant recovery while having access to all those moves. Lickitung offers nothing new. Oh wait it does, and that’s how bad it is.

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*Note – “The Top 10 Worst Pokemon” will start after this, as it is a simple continuation of the same topics covered in these articles.