Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #4 – Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree


– 17 Sleep Powder
– TM Psychic
– TM Mega Drain
– 21 Supersonic

If Butterfree was given 20 more points in each base stat, it would be, by a large margin, the best Bug Pokemon in RBY, and perhaps actually made the type sort of decent. Why? Butterfree has an appropriate stat spread and good movepool, while being able to be obtained early. Unfortunately, Butterfree was made as a gimmick Pokemon (along with its ugly cousin Beedrill) for being able to evolve really early, and fool all the kiddies to using them. This costs it dearly, as one of my favorite Pokemon (the only guy in existence to say this perhaps) is cut out of the pantheon of good / okay Pokemon, and sent all the way down to ‘joke’ status.

As mentioned, Butterfree has an appropriate stat spread. What do I mean by this? Well, as a ‘Special Sweeping’ Pokemon (if that’s what you want to qualify it as) the stats that are the most important are the highest: namely Special and Speed. However 80 Special and 70 Speed are pretty unspectacular, and the rest are just worse. 60/50/80 would be pretty average defensively, but its the typing that turns it into a weak pane of glass. Weak to six types, Rock being 4x strong against it, makes it frail to 40% of the game. A big problem.

As stated before, Butterfree has a pretty good movepool by Red, Blue and Yellow’s standards. Psychic will hurt foes, but with its average Special, Mega Drain wont hurt enough. Sleep Powder is great, and the last move is filler.

Oh I wish this thing was useable, but around Vermilion, the thing is a legitimately negative Pokemon to have on a team. Avoid using because of those base stats.

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Who is YOUR Choice For Worst of the Worst?

I will start posting this at some time in the near future, but I want everyone’s opinion on who the worst fully evolved Pokemon is for Red and Blue use.