Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #8 – Zubat, Golbat


– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Mega Drain
– 32 Wing Attack / TM Double Edge
– 21 Confuse Ray

Oh now we’re talking. No more outclassed Pokemon — now its just plain old, bottom of the barrel, trash. Golbat is so very horrendous that it makes you wonder what those silly game designers were thinking.

First off, that typing. I brought this up with Venomoth, but its worth reiterating. Flying, Rock, Fire, Psychic, Bug, and Poison all hit it for super effective damage (40% of all types in the game). 75/70/75 is a tad below average defensively, but with that typing it may as well just stick its little bat butt in your face for you to kick.

The other stats aren’t very bad, at 80 attack and 90 speed, which would be workable if not for a tiny, little, gigantic problem. The movepool of this thing is beyond laughable. Mega Drain, a 40 power move running off a below average Special of 75, is recommended and will probably be the main move of this thing. Golbat also has the option to run Wing Attack. Well that isn’t that bad right? In RBY Wing Attack had not 60 power, but 35. That is the power level of TACKLE. Oh, yes, you can run Double Edge with a decent attack stat, but seeing its frailty has been covered, recoil is a bad idea. Well then there’s Hyper Beam, the emergency move for most, which kind of has to be used regularly in order to make Golbat anywhere near worth — ok, nevermind. Nothing makes this thing worth it.

Golbat’s sprite is the worst of any Pokemon in any of the games to date, its worth in battle is about as much as a fortune cookie on acid, its type is among the worst in the game, and it’s just…What words are there really? Just don’t. Ever.

I do not own the photo. Although it perfectly depicts that awful sprite.


Pokemon – #58 Pokemon (Red) – #59 Pokemon (Blue) – Magnemite, Magneton


– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Thunder Wave
– 29 Supersonic

Yeahhhhh you already saw the problem with the worst fully evolved RBY electric type I’m sure. Offense consists of Thunderbolt and Hyper Beam. And that’s it. There’s always the options of Swift (yahoo) and Double Edge, but Magneton doesn’t have much HP for the latter, so its not a good idea.

Besides, both of those run off the inferior attack stat of 60, and Thunderbolt (and Thunder, but don’t use both) is the only move to run off its really nice 120 Special. Defenses are at 95 and 120, but as said before, it doesn’t have much HP to back it up, at base 50. So although its a good defensive typing, be prepared to get knocked out a time or two from mediocre hits.

The support moves range from good (Thunder Wave) to filler (Supersonic) and Magnemite comes at a point where you can Zapdos, or Electabuzz, or Raichu, or Electrode, or ANY other Electric type in the game. So that being said, don’t use it. There is zero upside compared to any of the aforementioned Pokemon, zero.

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Pokemon – #57 Pokemon (Red) – #58 Pokemon (Blue) – Kabuto, Kabutops


– HM Surf
– TM Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Swords Dance

Kabutops would be so, so much better if it had could learn Rock Slide by TM. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and Kabutops is stuck with a slightly Special leaning set and a heavily Physical stat spread.

115 attack and 80 speed? Groovy. What variety of Physical moves does it have? Normal, Normal, Normal, Rock…Oh sorry, I meant Normal — and Normal. So Swords Dance if you wish, and just go to town Body Slamming and Hyper Beaming the night away. You could use the always crit Slash, but then Swords Dance doesn’t do anything except for your emergency button move, which would be odd, seeing that if you need it in a pinch, why would you have time to boost it? 70 Special is barely below average, but Surf is needed for SOME type coverage. 60/105/70 is an okay defensive spread, or it would be, but the typing. Its weak to Grass, Ground, Electric and Fighting; with all but one of those being good typings, which is a problem.

Kabutops comes late, as do all the fossil Pokemon, however Omastar and Aerodactyl are both better. Even with their limited movepools, they can still function properly using the stats they’re supposed to. Use a different Water type. It isn’t the worst, but its pretty unimpressive.

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Pokemon – #48 Pokemon (Blue) – #49 Pokemon (Red) – Tentacool, Tentacruel

Ocean artwork underwater fan art tentacool tentacruel wallpaper

– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam / TM Blizzard
– TM Mega Drain
– TM Rest

Tentacruel would be better if you could get it before you had access to surf, which is pretty late, and at a point where you can already have gotten better Water types. As far as Pokemon go, Tentacruel is still pretty good even while being weak to the Psychic type.

120 Special is the number that jumps out. 120 base power behind Surf, Ice Beam and Mega Drain seem like a great trio of effective moves, and they are. It also has 100 speed which is nice, as it can outspeed a lot of things, especially in game. 80/65/120 is pretty good defensively even while being weak to Psychic, and Rest gives it dependable in game recovery.

There isn’t a ton wrong with Tentacruel, in fact, if you got it with a rod earlier, Tentacool would of shot up the list. Fact remains there are many better Water types with less crucial weaknesses and better type coverage. Overall good, but heavily overshadowed.

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Pokemon – #47 Pokemon (Blue) – #48 Pokemon (Red) – Doduo, Dodrio


– 30 Drill Peck
– TM Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Mimic

Yet another Pokemon screwed out of being better than below average because of an abysmal movepool. Dodrio has access to the best flying move in the game, but outside of that, nothing interesting to report. Normal moves? Check. A semi-worthless move in Mimic? Check.

But does Drill Peck make it worth it? 110 attack and 100 speed make that seem possible, but 60/70/60 just isn’t going to cut it defensively.

There isn’t much to say about it to be honest because it lacks weapons that could of made it a legitimate force. 110 attack is impressive, but it doesn’t get anything worth using besides that. You get it early-ish with three badges, but don’t use it.

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Pokemon – #28 Pokemon (Red) – #29 Pokemon (Blue) – Exeggcute, Exeggutor



– Hypnosis
– TM Psychic
– TM Mega Drain
– TM Explosion

I made a mistake. A couple to be precise. One, I accidentally ranked Exeggutor far, far too low due to the fact I neglected to notice it learns Hypnosis at level one, making it NOT necessary to evolve it at level 48 for Sleep Powder. Two, this made my rankings of everything from Chansey down be incorrect, so I went back and edited them all. However this should not happen again, and if it does, I shall change as necessary, but this is why I’m double checking everything in the first place after all.

This all being said, Exeggutor is a good Pokemon that needs to be considered for any team in RBY. Its a special attacker with a good typing and bulky stats that you can evolve at level one if you can find one at such a level (*hint – don’t count on it).

Exeggutor has a very nice stat spread being led by a 125 Special stat, mammoth in both offensive and defensive capabilities. Not to mention an HP stat of 90 and defense at 85, making the psychic type able to sponge a lot of hits. 95 attack is also good, with the only real weakness in this regard being its poor speed, at 55.

Hypnosis is a step down from Sleep Powder, but seeing evolving it at level 48 is enough to plummet its rating down to the mid – forties, just stick with the former. Psychic is the main attacking move of choice, Mega Drain Pokemon that are hit by super effective by it, and Explode as a final solution to any boss.

It isn’t all perfect for Exeggutor unfortunately, as the fact it comes in the Safari Zone and is not so easy to find and catch are a bit problematic, as is the fact Venusaur is still better (in game) at the Grass type and there are a few better options for Psychic types as well. Not to mention the fact the speed makes it a bit less useful when trying to catch legendaries.

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Pokemon – #38 Pokemon (Red) – #39 Pokemon (Blue) – Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath


– TM Psychic
– 41 (Poliwhirl) Amnesia
– HM Surf
– TM Earthquake

Poliwrath is a good Pokemon, but there are a few better choices for water types. It’s an all around Pokemon that doesn’t have a dominant way of conducting business, so it makes it pretty okay for in game.

The stats are 90/95/70 for defenses (reliable and workable for in game) and it has average speed. The attack of 85 is higher than Special, however with access to Amnesia and a wider variety of Special moves, Poliwhirl is better with its lower attacking stat.

The moves are good type coverage, with Earthquake being the strong physical move and everything else being boosted by Amnesia (which remember, also boosts your Special survivability too).

Poliwrath should wait until 41 to evolve, as without Amnesia, it aint really worth it, so that can be a pain due to its later evolution. Otherwise, a solid Pokemon that would be a lot better with a more creative typing, or at least wasn’t weak to Psychic. You have to wait for the Super Rod, but not a terrible choice.

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