Pokemon Red and Blue – #53 Pokemon – Voltorb, Electrode


– TM Thunderbolt
– 50/TM Explosion
– TM Thunder Wave
– Screech

Electrode is the fastest Pokemon in RBY, with 140 base speed. This is cool for two reasons: The obvious one of being fast, but also the critical hit ratio in RBY was determined on your base speed. Electrode then turns out to get critical hits on everything over 27% of the time. To compare to Gold, Silver, Crystal to Black and White 2’s ratio, the difference is over 21%, or one of every five attacks fired!

And other than that?! Nothing!

Thunderbolt runs off of a decent 80 special, and it has a good typing in mono-Electric, but Explosion runs off an INCREDIBLE 50 attack, and that’s about it offensively.

60/70/80 is alright defensively in game, but Electrode is not good enough to warrent using over many of the better mono-electric types in RBY. Not to mention you find it in an area where Zapdos, Electabuzz and Pikachu are, who are all better choices.

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