Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #5 – Cubone, Marowak


– TM Earthquake
– TM Body Slam
– TM Submission
– TM Blizzard / TM Fire Blast

What do you like in your Ground type? Well Marowak is one of the only…I mean one of the every single Ground types in the game that is a Physical attacker. What does it add? Well back off you silly Pokemon like Golem, Rhydon, Sandslash and Dugtrio because Marowak is taking the worst traits of all of you!

Golem and Rhydon’s crappy speed will be matched by the unimpressive mopey Pokemon, at a great low score of 45. And it also lacks the survivability that those two have with the frailness of Dugtrio! 60 Health and 50 Special is weak, though not the bottom rung, although its stronger physically (though still not that much because of that below average health) at 110.

And how about its movepool? Well although it has Earthquake, there are no other great options besides the decent Normal type move of Body Slam. Which isn’t good because the average 80 Physical Attack isn’t going to decimate. So off of that 50 Special, get ready to sweep through the toughest of wet toilet paper, with either Blizzard of Fire Blast.

Marowak is very unimpressive. Just stick with…Anything else. Besides the four Pokemon below it, that is.

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Pokemon – #64 Pokemon (Red) – #65 Pokemon (Blue) – Lickitung


– HM Surf
– TM Earthquake
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Rest

Wow! With a movepool like that, why would Lickitung be rated so low?! Well, unlike Porygon who had the possible scrapped Porygon2 excuse, Lickitung was just given bad base stats for no real reason, and remains a pretty annoying Pokemon to get by R/B/Y standards.

I say this because: you have to wait until four badges are obtained, then you have to get a super rod, fish up a Slowpoke, evolve said Slowpoke (which doesn’t evolve that early), than trade for it with a person at the end of cycling rode, then collect the seven chaos emeralds, defeat Robotnik, free Tails, save Emerald Isl…Okay, well you get the picture. But if it was decent, then this wouldn’t particularly be a problem. Lickitung is not decent however. It’s just awful.

90 / 75 / 60 is borderline acceptable, and with Rest, maybe its reasonable to use defensively, but so much to warrant its bulk over Snorlax, Chansey or even Clefable? No. Also, the attack stats that it leans on (which is both) are 55 physical and 60 special. All Heil! Coupled with this duo of below average power? 30 Speed. Oh joy.

So you can have your very own out of the way, slow, weak attacking, mediocre defensive, and overall just outclassed Normal type. But it will take time and is so not worth it its not funny. Even Porygon at least had instant recovery while having access to all those moves. Lickitung offers nothing new. Oh wait it does, and that’s how bad it is.

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*Note – “The Top 10 Worst Pokemon” will start after this, as it is a simple continuation of the same topics covered in these articles.

Pokemon – #55 Pokemon (Red) – Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume


– 19 Sleep Powder
– 38 (Gloom) Petal Dance
– TM Body Slam
– TM Double Team / TM Mimic / TM Solarbeam / TM Mega Drain

Victreebel and Venusaur are SO much better at being Grass / Poison types its not even funny. Vileplume has some detrimental flaws that make it 100% useless compared to the other two mentioned. Its not abysmal, but as stated, outclassed.

Vileplume has pretty decent base stats, being led by the 100 Special which gives it survivability and decent power. 80 Attack isn’t bad either, and a defensive spread of 75/ 85/ 100 is above average, so there’s that. You also get Oddish early, so why is it so very outclassed?

Outside the incredibly useful Sleep Powder, be prepared for a pathetic movepool. Petal Dance with its MAMMOTH 75 power is the best STAB option. Body Slam runs off its lower attack, and the last move is filler crap move of your choosing.

Not to mention the wait for Petal Dance is a long one, making it evolve later. You can’t settle for Mega Drain or Solarbeam as a reliable attacking option with depth this shallow, so the wait for an average move is necessary.

The movepool is horrendous, and single-handedly makes Vileplume useless in comparison to other Grass types, and has just 50 speed to work with. Not recommended. Red players got the short end of the stick on yet another version exclusive Pokemon.

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Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Red) – #55 Pokemon (Blue) – Porygon


– TM Psychic
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Ice Beam
– 28 Recover

How do you make a Pokemon with an average typing, an excellent movepool and a really cool design suck major amounts of Onix? Let me answer a question with another. How does 65/70/75 sound for a defensive spread sound? Well that’s below average, but what about the other stats? 75 Special and 40 Speed. You’d think since Porygon is man-made the makers would of tried to make him faster than a dial up modem, but apparently not. Who knows? Porygon2 might have been one of the scrapped Pokemon from RBY, due to the Stage 1 type base stats.

As mentioned before, Porygon has a great movepool. Instant healing by Recover is insanely useful in game, but as mentioned before, Porygon lacks the defenses and Health necessary to make it seriously worth it in game. Psychic and BoltBeaming is great as well, but again 75 Special just isn’t enough, especially when Porygon’s as slow as the likes of Rhydon and Bellsprout.

Overall, I love the thing to death, as its my favorite RBY Pokemon, but I can’t bring myself to recommend it. Hell, I even recommended my least favorite RBY Pokemon over Porygon: Magmar. If you are going to use it out of nostalgia as I sometimes do, play Blue, as Porygon costs 3000 or so coins less to purchase at the Game Corner.

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Pokemon – #45 Pokemon (Blue) – #46 Pokemon (Red) – Pikachu, Raichu


– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Body Slam
– TM Submission
– TM Hyper Beam

Raichu made the war vet of Vermilion a pretty tough foe, but that’s mostly because it was so good for that point in the game. Overall, its a lesser Jolteon and Electabuzz, due mostly to the lack of even somewhat decent moves after Thunderbolt.

Submission on a non-fighting type is really sad, but its all Raichu gets outside of events, Electric and Normal moves. If you got your hands on a Surfing Pikachu, congrats, but for the rest, its stuck with a sucky move while mostly just having Thunderbolt to spam.

The base stats are actually decent, with 100 speed and 90 in each attack. Defensively its alright specially, but 60 Health and 55 defense make Raichu frail, especially if you run into ground types.

On the plus side, Pikachu comes early (that is if you want to search that god forsaken forest for an hour), and can evolve if you want at level 1. However, Jolteon, Electabuzz and Zapdos all outshine the evolution of the overmarketed rat.

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Pokemon – #35 Pokemon (Red) – #38 Pokemon (Blue) – Aerodactyl


– TM Sky Attack / HM Fly
– TM Double Edge
– TM Hyper Beam
– 33 Supersonic / TM Fire Blast

Let’s get this out of the way. Aerodactyl’s movepool is probably one of the top 10 most barren movepools in Red, Blue and Yellow, not to mention you get it late, at the Cinnabar lab.

The obvious is there, but why is it midway through the list instead of somewhere near the bottom? Well, to Aerodactyl’s credit, it does has a nice offensive stat spread. It has a 105 Attack stat and tied for the second highest speed at 130, making Aerodactyl’s limited options hurt, and outspeed hits that might strike your inferior defensive stats.

Defensively at a line of 80/65/60, its not a very bulky option, and it makes your lack-of-Body-Slam Double Edge a very, well, double edged sword. Sky Attack is there if you want to nuke something, though Fly is a lot safer of an option, and nice utility for in game. Fire Blast or Supersonic are just filler on a mostly filler set, and Hyper Beam is a big money, physical attack.

You get it late, its decent, but has its share of flaws. Not highly recommended.

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Pokemon – #35 Pokemon (Blue) – Sandshrew, Sandslash


– TM Earthquake
– TM Rock Slide
– TM Swords Dance
– 17 Slash

You can make a pretty good case Sandslash is better than Dugtrio, but the lack of speed is the tie breaker between the two. In game, this doesn’t matter by the time you build up enough EV’s in the stat. That all being said, they’re pretty even otherwise.

Sandslash has a nice 100 attack, and with Swords Dance is a nice cannon of physical attack for your arsenal. The 110 defense is nice and all, however the other stats range from decent with Health at 75 to downright bad at 55 Special. Like stated before, its slow at 65 speed but fast enough to outrun slow opponents for a while.

Other than Swords Dance, its the same moveset as Dugtrio, but with early access to Slash, feel free to use it over the Swords Dance boostable Body Slam to save the TM and have a killer move early.

It’s a blue only Pokemon, so Red players can’t have a chance at this fairly reputable Pokemon. Middle teir, but that being said, good enough to warrent using, even though worse than the likes of Golem and Nidoking.

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