Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #4 – Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree


– 17 Sleep Powder
– TM Psychic
– TM Mega Drain
– 21 Supersonic

If Butterfree was given 20 more points in each base stat, it would be, by a large margin, the best Bug Pokemon in RBY, and perhaps actually made the type sort of decent. Why? Butterfree has an appropriate stat spread and good movepool, while being able to be obtained early. Unfortunately, Butterfree was made as a gimmick Pokemon (along with its ugly cousin Beedrill) for being able to evolve really early, and fool all the kiddies to using them. This costs it dearly, as one of my favorite Pokemon (the only guy in existence to say this perhaps) is cut out of the pantheon of good / okay Pokemon, and sent all the way down to ‘joke’ status.

As mentioned, Butterfree has an appropriate stat spread. What do I mean by this? Well, as a ‘Special Sweeping’ Pokemon (if that’s what you want to qualify it as) the stats that are the most important are the highest: namely Special and Speed. However 80 Special and 70 Speed are pretty unspectacular, and the rest are just worse. 60/50/80 would be pretty average defensively, but its the typing that turns it into a weak pane of glass. Weak to six types, Rock being 4x strong against it, makes it frail to 40% of the game. A big problem.

As stated before, Butterfree has a pretty good movepool by Red, Blue and Yellow’s standards. Psychic will hurt foes, but with its average Special, Mega Drain wont hurt enough. Sleep Powder is great, and the last move is filler.

Oh I wish this thing was useable, but around Vermilion, the thing is a legitimately negative Pokemon to have on a team. Avoid using because of those base stats.

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Pokemon – #64 Pokemon (Red) – #65 Pokemon (Blue) – Lickitung


– HM Surf
– TM Earthquake
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Rest

Wow! With a movepool like that, why would Lickitung be rated so low?! Well, unlike Porygon who had the possible scrapped Porygon2 excuse, Lickitung was just given bad base stats for no real reason, and remains a pretty annoying Pokemon to get by R/B/Y standards.

I say this because: you have to wait until four badges are obtained, then you have to get a super rod, fish up a Slowpoke, evolve said Slowpoke (which doesn’t evolve that early), than trade for it with a person at the end of cycling rode, then collect the seven chaos emeralds, defeat Robotnik, free Tails, save Emerald Isl…Okay, well you get the picture. But if it was decent, then this wouldn’t particularly be a problem. Lickitung is not decent however. It’s just awful.

90 / 75 / 60 is borderline acceptable, and with Rest, maybe its reasonable to use defensively, but so much to warrant its bulk over Snorlax, Chansey or even Clefable? No. Also, the attack stats that it leans on (which is both) are 55 physical and 60 special. All Heil! Coupled with this duo of below average power? 30 Speed. Oh joy.

So you can have your very own out of the way, slow, weak attacking, mediocre defensive, and overall just outclassed Normal type. But it will take time and is so not worth it its not funny. Even Porygon at least had instant recovery while having access to all those moves. Lickitung offers nothing new. Oh wait it does, and that’s how bad it is.

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*Note – “The Top 10 Worst Pokemon” will start after this, as it is a simple continuation of the same topics covered in these articles.

Pokemon – #63 Pokemon (Red) – #64 Pokemon (Blue) – Spearow, Fearow


– 34 Drill Peck
– TM Double Edge
– TM Double Team
– 25 Mirror Move

Fearow isn’t striking anything into the hearts of anyone. Fearow is an inferior Dodrio, which in and of itself is an inferior Zapdos. This bird has a very bad movepool, an average stat spread, and has one trick up its sleeve…that’s mostly useless, in Mirror Move.

90 Attack and 100 speed are both base stats that are nice in game, and if it had more than one good move, Fearow might actually be good offensively. Defensively however, 65/65/61 is a bad defensive spread to say the least, which is exactly why Mirror Move doesn’t really work. For in order to use that good move you’re copying, you have to take it first. You see the conundrum.

Drill Peck is Fearow’s best move, but Dodrio uses it better. Otherwise the movepool consists of recoil moves and other filler crap. There’s literally nothing else interesting when it comes to moves, so the moveset listed is really the only one, unless you want to swap Hyper Beam and Double Edge.

Fearow arrives early, evolves relatively early, and has Drill Peck. That is not enough reason to use over Dodrio, and (must I even say this) Zapdos. Fearow has very close to nothing important that warrants its use, so stay away, far away, from it.

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Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Red) – #55 Pokemon (Blue) – Porygon


– TM Psychic
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Ice Beam
– 28 Recover

How do you make a Pokemon with an average typing, an excellent movepool and a really cool design suck major amounts of Onix? Let me answer a question with another. How does 65/70/75 sound for a defensive spread sound? Well that’s below average, but what about the other stats? 75 Special and 40 Speed. You’d think since Porygon is man-made the makers would of tried to make him faster than a dial up modem, but apparently not. Who knows? Porygon2 might have been one of the scrapped Pokemon from RBY, due to the Stage 1 type base stats.

As mentioned before, Porygon has a great movepool. Instant healing by Recover is insanely useful in game, but as mentioned before, Porygon lacks the defenses and Health necessary to make it seriously worth it in game. Psychic and BoltBeaming is great as well, but again 75 Special just isn’t enough, especially when Porygon’s as slow as the likes of Rhydon and Bellsprout.

Overall, I love the thing to death, as its my favorite RBY Pokemon, but I can’t bring myself to recommend it. Hell, I even recommended my least favorite RBY Pokemon over Porygon: Magmar. If you are going to use it out of nostalgia as I sometimes do, play Blue, as Porygon costs 3000 or so coins less to purchase at the Game Corner.

The photo belongs to Nidoking256.

Pokemon – #54 Pokemon (Blue) – Magmar


– 55 Flamethrower
– TM Psychic
– TM Body Slam
– 39 Confuse Ray

Magmar is a really odd looking Pokemon. In the same typing you have Arcanine, Ninetales, Rapidash, Charizard, etc. but here comes the fire spitting duck with a Charmander tail. What does this have to do with its ability to perform in RBY? Nothing! Well, except for the fact it also is worse in battle than all other fully evolved fire types and its not worth using because of it.

Magmar would be alright if it learned its best move (Flamethrower) earlier than level 55, which might be in time to defeat the Elite 4, but that’s about it. Until then Fire Blast will have to tide you over, with Psychic being a very good secondary move. Magmar has a decent attack stat at 95, but only has Normal moves to ward off the opposition, so Body Slam is the only move to run off its better attack stat.

85 Special and 93 Speed are decent enough base stats, but are outclassed by many other Fire types. 65 Health and 57 (nice and random) Defense make it hardly sturdy to Physical threats. Seeing Fire is an offensive typing, the weaknesses come with the territory, but so many other Fire types can survive better.

Magmar comes late, at Cinnabar Mansion, isn’t easy to come by, learns its best move really late, can’t use its better attack stat, has bad physical survivability, looks like a mutated Psyduck set on fire, smells bad….Alright, you get it. I’m not a fan, but for good reason. Magmar is outclassed by all other Fire types.

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Pokemon – #44 Pokemon (Blue) – Meowth, Persian


– 51 Slash
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Bubblebeam
– TM Hyper Beam

Meowth was rather…annoying in the anime, however Giovanni’s Persian was a distinct part of his character, really being one of the (sadly) most interesting characters in the first seasons. Competitively, Persian was top tier, being a counter to threats like Golem and Rhydon, despite its clumsy stats (for the most part). In game, Persian takes a step back in terms of usefulness compared to its other two characters.

Its not awful. The movepool is fairly large, being able to use Thunderbolt and Bubblebeam while having the auto-crit Slash. However, level 51 is late, maybe too late to be useful. Hyper Beam can be used as an emergency button, but use the other moves.

115 speed makes those attacks seem a lot better until one notices that all the other base stats are REAL problems for Persian. 70 attack, and a defense spread of 65/60/65 makes Persian a bit of a puss. Yes, I just made that joke, I’m here all night.

Again though, there are good points. Meowth is gotten rather early, after Misty, when you already have bubblebeam. Its easy to get a hold of, and has good type coverage.

Overall though, use other normal types. If you want to have a good team to beat up friends with then look into Persian, but for in game, use another Normal type.

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Pokemon – #43 Pokemon (Blue) – #44 Pokemon (Red) – Ponyta, Rapidash


– TM Fire Blast
– TM Fire Spin
– TM Toxic
– TM Body Slam

Rapidash is not just the Pokemon that the fan club president in Vermilion seems to sleep with regularly, but also a Pokemon that can hold its own — for a fire type. Getting it all the way in Cinnabar is a pain, as well as its evolution taking place in the 40’s, not to mention its bad defenses and not so bulky typing.

Why use it? Well if you want 100 attack and 105 speed, Rapidash seems really nice. 65/70/80 is a pretty unimpressive defensive spread when you factor in its a fire type, who owns the honor of being weak to Water, Ground and Rock, three of the best attacking types.

As with most RBY Fire types, lack of Flamethrower is annoying, though you get decently powered Fire Blast and the classic Fire Spin + Toxic combo of goodness. Only normal moves are Physical for Rapidash, so use Body Slam on everything else that isn’t hurt by Fire, and keep a supply of Ethers on hand.

It’s an alright Pokemon that has glaring flaws. For a fire type, its serviceable, but really just use others if you really like the type.

I do not own the photo. I remember this being the art for Dark Rapidash from the TCG.