Pokemon – #55 Pokemon (Red) – Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume


– 19 Sleep Powder
– 38 (Gloom) Petal Dance
– TM Body Slam
– TM Double Team / TM Mimic / TM Solarbeam / TM Mega Drain

Victreebel and Venusaur are SO much better at being Grass / Poison types its not even funny. Vileplume has some detrimental flaws that make it 100% useless compared to the other two mentioned. Its not abysmal, but as stated, outclassed.

Vileplume has pretty decent base stats, being led by the 100 Special which gives it survivability and decent power. 80 Attack isn’t bad either, and a defensive spread of 75/ 85/ 100 is above average, so there’s that. You also get Oddish early, so why is it so very outclassed?

Outside the incredibly useful Sleep Powder, be prepared for a pathetic movepool. Petal Dance with its MAMMOTH 75 power is the best STAB option. Body Slam runs off its lower attack, and the last move is filler crap move of your choosing.

Not to mention the wait for Petal Dance is a long one, making it evolve later. You can’t settle for Mega Drain or Solarbeam as a reliable attacking option with depth this shallow, so the wait for an average move is necessary.

The movepool is horrendous, and single-handedly makes Vileplume useless in comparison to other Grass types, and has just 50 speed to work with. Not recommended. Red players got the short end of the stick on yet another version exclusive Pokemon.

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