Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #6 – Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff


– TM / 34 (Jigglypuff) Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Seismic Toss / TM Fire Blast / TM Blizzard / TM Psychic
– TM Mimic / TM Fire Blast / TM Blizzard / TM Psychic

So many options and so little stats! That’s the saying right? It is when Sir useless Wigglytuff is on the case! Well I should say on the Special side it has so many options, because if you were to go off its better attack stat there’s the plethora of Normal, Normal, or Normal moves.

Wigglytuff is perhaps one of the ‘Worst Pokemon’ on the list that people may not understand why its so bad, because unlike Golbat and the level 10 bugs, it’s not common knowledge. But its bad, really bad. Defensively? 140 HP is among the best in the game, but you guessed it. The defenses are just too lousy to take full advantage, or should I say, any advantage, of the health. 45 and 50 defenses are frail as hell, making the one thing Wigglytuff looks like it can do well, be done not well at all. Offensively? 70 physical attack is decent, but still a bit below average. Also, the 50 Special makes those wide array of Special moves shown earlier also pretty useless. 45 Speed makes you also take hits before you can dish them, most of the time.

What moves should be picked? Well one move I recommend is to keep this puffball Kirby wannabe off your team. Although if you really like the thing (I happen to have a friend who does) use Physical normal moves and filler special moves. If you feel like wasting your only Blizzard / Fire Blast / Thunder TM on it, that is.

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