Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #6 – Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff


– TM / 34 (Jigglypuff) Body Slam
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Seismic Toss / TM Fire Blast / TM Blizzard / TM Psychic
– TM Mimic / TM Fire Blast / TM Blizzard / TM Psychic

So many options and so little stats! That’s the saying right? It is when Sir useless Wigglytuff is on the case! Well I should say on the Special side it has so many options, because if you were to go off its better attack stat there’s the plethora of Normal, Normal, or Normal moves.

Wigglytuff is perhaps one of the ‘Worst Pokemon’ on the list that people may not understand why its so bad, because unlike Golbat and the level 10 bugs, it’s not common knowledge. But its bad, really bad. Defensively? 140 HP is among the best in the game, but you guessed it. The defenses are just too lousy to take full advantage, or should I say, any advantage, of the health. 45 and 50 defenses are frail as hell, making the one thing Wigglytuff looks like it can do well, be done not well at all. Offensively? 70 physical attack is decent, but still a bit below average. Also, the 50 Special makes those wide array of Special moves shown earlier also pretty useless. 45 Speed makes you also take hits before you can dish them, most of the time.

What moves should be picked? Well one move I recommend is to keep this puffball Kirby wannabe off your team. Although if you really like the thing (I happen to have a friend who does) use Physical normal moves and filler special moves. If you feel like wasting your only Blizzard / Fire Blast / Thunder TM on it, that is.

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Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Blue) – #66 Pokemon (Red) – Grimer, Muk


– 37 Sludge
– TM Body Slam
– 53 Screech / TM Thunderbolt
– TM Explosion

Just what the Muk is wrong with Muk? Sorry, that was awful. Anyways, its one of the countless RBY Pokemon that could be decent with a better movepool, but Game Freak seems to pick those things at random (Muk should get Thunderbolt, totally, but Alakazam? Nawww). This leaves it as a mediocre (at the very best) Poison type.

Muk has 105 physical attack, which is really good, but only Poison and Normal moves to use with it. You know what that means? Barely any type coverage whatsoever. With a Special of 65, you are gonna have to sacrifice a lot of power for type coverage, but Fire Blast or Thunderbolt may be worth it just so it can hit SOMETHING for super effective damage. Otherwise 105/75/65 is average defensively, it has a bad defensive typing (until GSC that is), and its very slow, at base 50 speed.

As for those physical moves, Sludge is a pretty good STAB move, although it hits very little for super effective damage, Body Slam is another main source of damage, and Muk also has one very powerful Explosion as well.

You have to wait for quite a while to get a Pokemon this below average, at Cinnabar, then in Red its also RARE on top of that, which makes it not worth it even more. Weezing is better, Arbok is better, most non-Poison types are better, Gingivitis is better, so don’t use Muk.

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Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Red) – #57 Pokemon (Blue) – Venonat, Venomoth


– TM / 50 Psychic
– 43 Sleep Powder
– TM Mega Drain
– TM Double Team / TM Mimic

Behold the best Bug type Pokemon in Red and Blue! Although still in the bottom 20 Pokemon final forms, Venomoth is in fact, the best of the worst typing of these games. Venomoth stuns with its average base stats, average movepool, average difficulty to obtain, and lengthy waits for its best moves.

To its credit, Venomoth isn’t awful. 90 Special and 90 Speed are both respectable, and Psychic is a good move to use with those stats, obviously. Otherwise, its not terribly frail, with a line of 70/60/90, but its typing. Poison use to be weak to Bug, and Bug use to be weak to Poison. So let’s review its weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Psychic, Bug, Poison or 40% of all types in the game.

To compound matters, its movepool is average, if you wait it out. Sleep Powder is good, and Mega Drain is…pretty bad. The fourth move is filler, and Venomoth is basically just used to spam Sleep Powder and Psychic.

Don’t use Venomoth for your own good. Use Victreebel or Venusaur for better Poison types that are sleepers. It may be the best bug type, but that’s no real claim to fame in this game. So much rhyme, can you stand it?

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Pokemon – #46 Pokemon (Blue) – #47 Pokemon (Red) – Kangaskhan


– TM Earthquake
– TM Rock Slide
– TM Body Slam
– TM Counter

Kangaskhan is really annoying to get. As far as Safari Zone Pokemon go, Kangaskhan is up there with Tauros and Chansey as far as difficulty and annoyance. Is it worth the frustration to get it? In short no. Its outclassed by many a normal type, and just doesn’t warrant the effort needed to catch apart from Pokedex completion.

Kangaskhan does have a nice 95 for attack, coupled with 90 speed, so if that were all the criteria, it’d be fine. 105 Health is nice, as is 80 defense but 40 special is just awful. If you get hit with a special move, pray its not a critical, because the survivability is near non-existent.

Seeing it is fairly bulky physically, running Counter for whenever you’re hit by a Normal or Fighting move might not be an awful idea, though if you want to replace it with Hyper Beam, that’s understandable. Earthquake and Rock Slide is the main source of power, and they do offer quite a bit.

Kangaskhan is pretty good if you have the time to parade around the Safari Zone, though if you’re looking for a good Normal type there, just pick up Tauros or Chansey. Just as tedious to get, but better in a lot of ways. Kangaskhan is bad, but Tauros and Chansey are much better.

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Pokemon – #45 Pokemon (Blue) – #46 Pokemon (Red) – Pikachu, Raichu


– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Body Slam
– TM Submission
– TM Hyper Beam

Raichu made the war vet of Vermilion a pretty tough foe, but that’s mostly because it was so good for that point in the game. Overall, its a lesser Jolteon and Electabuzz, due mostly to the lack of even somewhat decent moves after Thunderbolt.

Submission on a non-fighting type is really sad, but its all Raichu gets outside of events, Electric and Normal moves. If you got your hands on a Surfing Pikachu, congrats, but for the rest, its stuck with a sucky move while mostly just having Thunderbolt to spam.

The base stats are actually decent, with 100 speed and 90 in each attack. Defensively its alright specially, but 60 Health and 55 defense make Raichu frail, especially if you run into ground types.

On the plus side, Pikachu comes early (that is if you want to search that god forsaken forest for an hour), and can evolve if you want at level 1. However, Jolteon, Electabuzz and Zapdos all outshine the evolution of the overmarketed rat.

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Pokemon – #36 Pokemon (Red) – #51 Pokemon (Blue) – Koffing, Weezing


– 32 Sludge
– TM Fire Blast
– TM Rest
– 53 Explosion

Weezing is a lot more common in Red, hence the disparity in rating. Team Rocket’s old pal is a solid force to be reckoned with in-game when it comes to defense. Also at its side are fairly formidable to average attacking stats, but its the movepool that dooms it so low.

The defensive line of 65/120/85 is nice, not amazing, but fairly bulky for in game, especially with Rest at its disposable. The poison type is weak to the overpowered Psychic type, and weak to Earthquake, but luckily in game that’s not as big a concern. It can take hits, and thanks to attacking stats of 90 and 85, can dish back a little bit back as well.

Sludge is the STAB option to hit most foes, and Fire Blast is there for type coverage. The last resort for Weezing is a fairly strong Explosion, which it learns fairly late, but Selfdestruct is learned as a temporary fix, at level 43.

Weezing comes at the Cinnabar lab, so a late addition to your team, but a decent one. An alright choice, more so for Red players.

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Pokemon – #33 Pokemon (Red) – #36 Pokemon (Blue) – Omanyte, Omastar


– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam
– TM Siesmic Toss
– TM Rest

Omastar is a Pokemon that has a lot going for it, but you have to put up with getting it late, at Cinnabar. The Helix Fossil Pokemon has very nice defensive numbers at 70/125/115, so Rest is a good option to give it more life. 115 Special also gives Surf and Ice Beam a lot of power, so Omastar can take down a lot of opponents.

Omastar is slow, but dishes out a lot of attacks and takes a lot of them, so its definitely worth a look at least. The problems are the aforementioned late aquisition, and also the fact there are better Rock types, and even more better Water types. Consider it, but stick with others.

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