Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #3 – Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill


– TM Double Edge
– TM Hyper Beam
– 20 Twinneedle
– TM Swords Dance

How do you make Butterfree even worse? Take away its Sleep Move and any consistently strong attack to use! What a relief, I thought a Bee with 3 huge stingers would actually be a threat. Luckily however, it is not in the slightest. The base stats are similar to Butterfree, the typing has the same enormous amount of weaknesses, and both come really early.

Beedrill has 80 Attack and 75 Speed, similar to Butterfree’s 80 Special and 75 Speed, however Special also gave Butterfree one decent defense. Beedrill does not have this luxury as a defensive spread of 65/40/45 with those weaknesses ensures it as one of the frailest Pokemon in the game, if not the most so. To go back to the 80 attack, its decent, but not enough to pull a lot of offense out of the hat, and 75 speed is also just that, decent.

Well since Beedrill has the useful buffer Swords Dance, it could patch up that mediocre attack (if it could take hits to use it successfully) however the move set is just awful. 50 power on its STAB move is already low, but it has no recoil-less Normal move strong enough to matter. Double Edge means that you have to take damage on a very frail Pokemon, and Hyper Beam means you have to be bludgeoned over the head the next turn.

Beedrill is so very, very awful. There’s a dropoff from Butterfree, and Butterfree is already a mid-end “D” Pokemon. Never use it, and never be worried when faced with one. Hit it with any attack, that should do the trick.

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Pokemon – #63 Pokemon (Red) – #64 Pokemon (Blue) – Spearow, Fearow


– 34 Drill Peck
– TM Double Edge
– TM Double Team
– 25 Mirror Move

Fearow isn’t striking anything into the hearts of anyone. Fearow is an inferior Dodrio, which in and of itself is an inferior Zapdos. This bird has a very bad movepool, an average stat spread, and has one trick up its sleeve…that’s mostly useless, in Mirror Move.

90 Attack and 100 speed are both base stats that are nice in game, and if it had more than one good move, Fearow might actually be good offensively. Defensively however, 65/65/61 is a bad defensive spread to say the least, which is exactly why Mirror Move doesn’t really work. For in order to use that good move you’re copying, you have to take it first. You see the conundrum.

Drill Peck is Fearow’s best move, but Dodrio uses it better. Otherwise the movepool consists of recoil moves and other filler crap. There’s literally nothing else interesting when it comes to moves, so the moveset listed is really the only one, unless you want to swap Hyper Beam and Double Edge.

Fearow arrives early, evolves relatively early, and has Drill Peck. That is not enough reason to use over Dodrio, and (must I even say this) Zapdos. Fearow has very close to nothing important that warrants its use, so stay away, far away, from it.

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Pokemon – #62 Pokemon (Red) – #63 Pokemon (Blue) – Horsea, Seadra


– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam / Blizzard
– 19 Smokescreen
– TM Mimic

Seadra is one of those Pokemon that thanked the heavens that it was sent an evolution with the release of Gold and Silver. Back in the RBY days of play, it was highly outclassed by each Water type in the game. It wasn’t awful stat wise in some respects, nor was it’s movepool that abysmal (although very limited) and it was accessible early enough with the Super Rod. So what’s wrong with it? Seadra’s not really good at any of those things either. It’s just extraordinarily average, which puts it a level behind all water types besides (possibly) Kabutops.

95 Special and 85 Speed are both pretty good base stats, and let Seadra do what it pleases offensively. It would have been good defensively, except for the fact in only has a Health stat of 55, with the defenses being a decent 95.

Surf and Ice move of your choice are good, but there is nothing besides that to work with. No access to Body Slam means you could replace Smokescreen for either Hyper Beam or Double Edge. Which off of 65 attack and with recoil on the latter (which with the Hp being what it is, isn’t a good idea), are both about as great of options as Smokescreen, which is to say, not that good.

Seadra comes at a time where you have access to plenty of Water types including: Starmie, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Slowbro, Blastoise and the list goes on and on.

So its not awful, but it adds so little (which is to say nothing) over any other Water type, plus its average movepool and accessibility, makes it pointless to use. It wont hurt your team as perhaps a Pinsir or Raticate would, but those at least offer something, even if small. So not awful, but use one of the other Pokemon in the most populated of Pokemon types.

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Pokemon Red and Blue – #53 Pokemon – Voltorb, Electrode


– TM Thunderbolt
– 50/TM Explosion
– TM Thunder Wave
– Screech

Electrode is the fastest Pokemon in RBY, with 140 base speed. This is cool for two reasons: The obvious one of being fast, but also the critical hit ratio in RBY was determined on your base speed. Electrode then turns out to get critical hits on everything over 27% of the time. To compare to Gold, Silver, Crystal to Black and White 2’s ratio, the difference is over 21%, or one of every five attacks fired!

And other than that?! Nothing!

Thunderbolt runs off of a decent 80 special, and it has a good typing in mono-Electric, but Explosion runs off an INCREDIBLE 50 attack, and that’s about it offensively.

60/70/80 is alright defensively in game, but Electrode is not good enough to warrent using over many of the better mono-electric types in RBY. Not to mention you find it in an area where Zapdos, Electabuzz and Pikachu are, who are all better choices.

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Pokemon – #43 Pokemon (Blue) – #44 Pokemon (Red) – Ponyta, Rapidash


– TM Fire Blast
– TM Fire Spin
– TM Toxic
– TM Body Slam

Rapidash is not just the Pokemon that the fan club president in Vermilion seems to sleep with regularly, but also a Pokemon that can hold its own — for a fire type. Getting it all the way in Cinnabar is a pain, as well as its evolution taking place in the 40’s, not to mention its bad defenses and not so bulky typing.

Why use it? Well if you want 100 attack and 105 speed, Rapidash seems really nice. 65/70/80 is a pretty unimpressive defensive spread when you factor in its a fire type, who owns the honor of being weak to Water, Ground and Rock, three of the best attacking types.

As with most RBY Fire types, lack of Flamethrower is annoying, though you get decently powered Fire Blast and the classic Fire Spin + Toxic combo of goodness. Only normal moves are Physical for Rapidash, so use Body Slam on everything else that isn’t hurt by Fire, and keep a supply of Ethers on hand.

It’s an alright Pokemon that has glaring flaws. For a fire type, its serviceable, but really just use others if you really like the type.

I do not own the photo. I remember this being the art for Dark Rapidash from the TCG.

Pokemon – #42 Pokemon (Blue) – #43 Pokemon (Red) – Goldeen, Seaking



– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam / Blizzard
– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Double Edge

Seaking is the third worst water type in the game. Seeing the water type is fairly stacked however, Seaking is still somewhat useful. Somewhat.

The attacking stats aren’t bad at 92 and 80, though the speed of 68 makes it have to take a few hits sometimes before it can get off its decently powered attacks. 80/65/80 is an average defensive spread, so there’s that.

Seaking has no Physical moves to use besides normal type moves. This does not include the best Physical normal move known by most Pokemon, Body Slam. Recoiled Double Edge must replace it, which is big reason not to use it. Surf and Ice Beam / Blizzard run off an okay Special stat, but its just not Lapras or Starmie. Hyper Beam is its major power move, but that’s only a fatality move more than anything.

This all comes down to one thing. Don’t use Seaking. Its not terrible, but its outclassed by Starmie, Lapras, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Slowbro, Blastoise, Golduck……..

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Pokemon – #33 Pokemon (Red) – #36 Pokemon (Blue) – Omanyte, Omastar


– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam
– TM Siesmic Toss
– TM Rest

Omastar is a Pokemon that has a lot going for it, but you have to put up with getting it late, at Cinnabar. The Helix Fossil Pokemon has very nice defensive numbers at 70/125/115, so Rest is a good option to give it more life. 115 Special also gives Surf and Ice Beam a lot of power, so Omastar can take down a lot of opponents.

Omastar is slow, but dishes out a lot of attacks and takes a lot of them, so its definitely worth a look at least. The problems are the aforementioned late aquisition, and also the fact there are better Rock types, and even more better Water types. Consider it, but stick with others.

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