Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #8 – Zubat, Golbat


– TM Hyper Beam
– TM Mega Drain
– 32 Wing Attack / TM Double Edge
– 21 Confuse Ray

Oh now we’re talking. No more outclassed Pokemon — now its just plain old, bottom of the barrel, trash. Golbat is so very horrendous that it makes you wonder what those silly game designers were thinking.

First off, that typing. I brought this up with Venomoth, but its worth reiterating. Flying, Rock, Fire, Psychic, Bug, and Poison all hit it for super effective damage (40% of all types in the game). 75/70/75 is a tad below average defensively, but with that typing it may as well just stick its little bat butt in your face for you to kick.

The other stats aren’t very bad, at 80 attack and 90 speed, which would be workable if not for a tiny, little, gigantic problem. The movepool of this thing is beyond laughable. Mega Drain, a 40 power move running off a below average Special of 75, is recommended and will probably be the main move of this thing. Golbat also has the option to run Wing Attack. Well that isn’t that bad right? In RBY Wing Attack had not 60 power, but 35. That is the power level of TACKLE. Oh, yes, you can run Double Edge with a decent attack stat, but seeing its frailty has been covered, recoil is a bad idea. Well then there’s Hyper Beam, the emergency move for most, which kind of has to be used regularly in order to make Golbat anywhere near worth — ok, nevermind. Nothing makes this thing worth it.

Golbat’s sprite is the worst of any Pokemon in any of the games to date, its worth in battle is about as much as a fortune cookie on acid, its type is among the worst in the game, and it’s just…What words are there really? Just don’t. Ever.

I do not own the photo. Although it perfectly depicts that awful sprite.


Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #9 – Hitmonchan


– TM Submission
– TM Body Slam
– TM Seismic Toss
– TM Counter

Hitmonlee is so much better its not even funny. Which is sad considering the kicking wonder isn’t even that good to begin with. Hitmonchan lacks the good fighting type move in Hi Jump Kick, has less useful higher stats and more hurtful lower stats, not to mention its signature moves are AWFUL on it. Hitmonchan is also weak to that all powerful RBY Psychic type, and Hitmonchan is frail, frail, frail. If you need a fighting type, Machamp and Hitmonlee surpass this thing by a mile or two…or nine.

What was I talking about when it comes to stats? Let’s compare each stat to Hitmonlee’s, its counterpart. The important stats for a physical attacker (which is definitely what both are) are obviously Attack and Speed. Hitmonlee has 120 attack, Hitmonchan still has a good 105 attack, but that’s still a large dropoff. Hitmonlee has 87 Speed, Hitmonchan has 76. Well that’s gotta mean the punching wonder has the edge defensively. Maybe you can see it that way, but its still really, really frail (although yes, less so than Hitmonlee’s zero survivability). Both have the same HP and Special (an awful 50 and 30 respectively) but Hitmonchan has the mediocre stat of 79 defense. Wow, stand back physical attackers, bow before the king. But seriously, that Special stat of 30 also assures that you should never use the elemental punches on it, which sucks, cause they’re good moves, but 30 is just so pitifully low. For comparison’s sake, Spearow has a more fearsome Special stat. Not Fearow, Spearow.

All the moves are filler apart from Body Slam. Just slap together three other moves that look the least self-destructive and sweep until you die. Which you will do with Hitmonchan. A lot. There is zero point to using the thing, especially when you can get Hitmonlee, or even get a Machop earlier. The best idea of all however is to not use a fighting type in RBY.

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Worst Red and Blue Pokemon – #10 – Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot


– HM Fly
– TM Double Edge
– TM Hyper Beam / TM Sky Attack
– TM Double Team / 44 Agility / 54 Mirror Move

There is nothing, let it be repeated, nothing that warrants using Pidgeot over Dodrio and Fearow. A lack of Drill Peck, a less impressive base stat spread and a lack of anything new brought to the table make Pidgeot worse than already pretty bad Pokemon.

As mentioned, without Drill Peck, Pidgeot must rely on Fly for its main attacking move, which is weaker and adds a limited amount of utility. Fly isn’t awful, but Drill Peck is just better, so its still a downgrade. Its also one of those grand Pokemon without access to Body Slam, making the recoiled option of Double Edge mandatory for secondary STAB. Which even without a good defensive spread, its near necessary for some type coverage (though Normal doesn’t add any, it at least can hit Electric types for neutral damage). Sky Attack or Hyper Beam is up to the player, as its just an emergency move of your choice. Mirror Move, granted, works better on Pidgeot than Fearow (kind of like when you’re relieved when you find out you have the flu instead of pneumonia), it comes late and the defenses still can’t take that many hits, so its suggested to use Double Team.

80 Attack and 91 Speed aren’t awful, but they are outclassed by the two Normal / Flying rivals, so there’s still no point to use it. 93/75/70 is average bulkiness but not really great enough to be impressive, and you’ll still go down rather quickly.

Overall, its not so awful it cripples the player, but its so bad compared to other Pokemon in its type and to nearly every other Physical Attacker, there’s no way it should be considered for use. It comes just as early as Fearow (which is also bad, but at least better) so there’s no reason to use the chubby bird family.

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Pokemon – #64 Pokemon (Red) – #65 Pokemon (Blue) – Lickitung


– HM Surf
– TM Earthquake
– TM Thunderbolt
– TM Blizzard / TM Rest

Wow! With a movepool like that, why would Lickitung be rated so low?! Well, unlike Porygon who had the possible scrapped Porygon2 excuse, Lickitung was just given bad base stats for no real reason, and remains a pretty annoying Pokemon to get by R/B/Y standards.

I say this because: you have to wait until four badges are obtained, then you have to get a super rod, fish up a Slowpoke, evolve said Slowpoke (which doesn’t evolve that early), than trade for it with a person at the end of cycling rode, then collect the seven chaos emeralds, defeat Robotnik, free Tails, save Emerald Isl…Okay, well you get the picture. But if it was decent, then this wouldn’t particularly be a problem. Lickitung is not decent however. It’s just awful.

90 / 75 / 60 is borderline acceptable, and with Rest, maybe its reasonable to use defensively, but so much to warrant its bulk over Snorlax, Chansey or even Clefable? No. Also, the attack stats that it leans on (which is both) are 55 physical and 60 special. All Heil! Coupled with this duo of below average power? 30 Speed. Oh joy.

So you can have your very own out of the way, slow, weak attacking, mediocre defensive, and overall just outclassed Normal type. But it will take time and is so not worth it its not funny. Even Porygon at least had instant recovery while having access to all those moves. Lickitung offers nothing new. Oh wait it does, and that’s how bad it is.

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*Note – “The Top 10 Worst Pokemon” will start after this, as it is a simple continuation of the same topics covered in these articles.

Pokemon – #63 Pokemon (Red) – #64 Pokemon (Blue) – Spearow, Fearow


– 34 Drill Peck
– TM Double Edge
– TM Double Team
– 25 Mirror Move

Fearow isn’t striking anything into the hearts of anyone. Fearow is an inferior Dodrio, which in and of itself is an inferior Zapdos. This bird has a very bad movepool, an average stat spread, and has one trick up its sleeve…that’s mostly useless, in Mirror Move.

90 Attack and 100 speed are both base stats that are nice in game, and if it had more than one good move, Fearow might actually be good offensively. Defensively however, 65/65/61 is a bad defensive spread to say the least, which is exactly why Mirror Move doesn’t really work. For in order to use that good move you’re copying, you have to take it first. You see the conundrum.

Drill Peck is Fearow’s best move, but Dodrio uses it better. Otherwise the movepool consists of recoil moves and other filler crap. There’s literally nothing else interesting when it comes to moves, so the moveset listed is really the only one, unless you want to swap Hyper Beam and Double Edge.

Fearow arrives early, evolves relatively early, and has Drill Peck. That is not enough reason to use over Dodrio, and (must I even say this) Zapdos. Fearow has very close to nothing important that warrants its use, so stay away, far away, from it.

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Pokemon – #62 Pokemon (Red) – #63 Pokemon (Blue) – Horsea, Seadra


– HM Surf
– TM Ice Beam / Blizzard
– 19 Smokescreen
– TM Mimic

Seadra is one of those Pokemon that thanked the heavens that it was sent an evolution with the release of Gold and Silver. Back in the RBY days of play, it was highly outclassed by each Water type in the game. It wasn’t awful stat wise in some respects, nor was it’s movepool that abysmal (although very limited) and it was accessible early enough with the Super Rod. So what’s wrong with it? Seadra’s not really good at any of those things either. It’s just extraordinarily average, which puts it a level behind all water types besides (possibly) Kabutops.

95 Special and 85 Speed are both pretty good base stats, and let Seadra do what it pleases offensively. It would have been good defensively, except for the fact in only has a Health stat of 55, with the defenses being a decent 95.

Surf and Ice move of your choice are good, but there is nothing besides that to work with. No access to Body Slam means you could replace Smokescreen for either Hyper Beam or Double Edge. Which off of 65 attack and with recoil on the latter (which with the Hp being what it is, isn’t a good idea), are both about as great of options as Smokescreen, which is to say, not that good.

Seadra comes at a time where you have access to plenty of Water types including: Starmie, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Slowbro, Blastoise and the list goes on and on.

So its not awful, but it adds so little (which is to say nothing) over any other Water type, plus its average movepool and accessibility, makes it pointless to use. It wont hurt your team as perhaps a Pinsir or Raticate would, but those at least offer something, even if small. So not awful, but use one of the other Pokemon in the most populated of Pokemon types.

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Pokemon – #61 Pokemon (Red) – #62 Pokemon (Blue) – Rattata, Raticate


– TM Body Slam
– TM Dig
– 41 Super Fang
– TM Blizzard

Raticate isn’t bad for early game joke Pokemon, because unlike its counterpart Pidgey, it can somewhat hold its own. Key word being somewhat. Raticate has some unique tools, the most obvious being its signature move of Super Fang, but is outclassed by so many mono-normals, though not all of them.

A chunk of the problems that surround Raticate are the base stats. 81 attack is good, not great, and 97 speed is pretty decent. Otherwise 55/60/50 as a defensive line is pretty miserable, and its lack of resistances doesn’t help.

Body Slam and Dig do enough damage to be bearable, and Blizzard is filler, because running off of 50 special, its going to be more a flurry or a dusting. Picture Atlanta instead of Fargo. Super Fang however is unique because it cuts any opponent’s HP in half, which can be useful in battles with late game bosses, especially ones you have a hard time with.

It has some gimmics, its under rated, but Raticate doesn’t have the stats or enough of a movepool to really be considered good. Its a Pokemon that you may be really happy with for a while, but it’ll be outshined later, so just use Snorlax.

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