Pokemon – #56 Pokemon (Red) – #57 Pokemon (Blue) – Venonat, Venomoth


– TM / 50 Psychic
– 43 Sleep Powder
– TM Mega Drain
– TM Double Team / TM Mimic

Behold the best Bug type Pokemon in Red and Blue! Although still in the bottom 20 Pokemon final forms, Venomoth is in fact, the best of the worst typing of these games. Venomoth stuns with its average base stats, average movepool, average difficulty to obtain, and lengthy waits for its best moves.

To its credit, Venomoth isn’t awful. 90 Special and 90 Speed are both respectable, and Psychic is a good move to use with those stats, obviously. Otherwise, its not terribly frail, with a line of 70/60/90, but its typing. Poison use to be weak to Bug, and Bug use to be weak to Poison. So let’s review its weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Psychic, Bug, Poison or 40% of all types in the game.

To compound matters, its movepool is average, if you wait it out. Sleep Powder is good, and Mega Drain is…pretty bad. The fourth move is filler, and Venomoth is basically just used to spam Sleep Powder and Psychic.

Don’t use Venomoth for your own good. Use Victreebel or Venusaur for better Poison types that are sleepers. It may be the best bug type, but that’s no real claim to fame in this game. So much rhyme, can you stand it?

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